Cyber Risk Managment

Cyber Risk Management

As technology continues to exponentially advance, individuals and businesses are often uncertain of their rights and responsibilities. To provide stability and longevity to your interests, Cooper Levenson's Cyber Risk Management Practice Group offers a variety of services toward preventing and mitigating liabilities.

For years, our team has drawn from local and international experience to offer expertise in several key areas:

  • Assessment of Professional and Personal Hazards
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Guidance for Insurance Needs
  • Response to Events, including Data Breaches
  • Compliance with Local, National and International Laws
  • Minimization of Tax Liabilities
  • Financial Services Protection
  • Digital Healthcare Program Evaluations

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Practice Area Attorneys

Hughes, William J. - Partner
Salad, Robert E. - Partner
Torraca, Carmelo T. - Partner
Fu, Peter Y. - Associate
Salad, Michael L. - Associate