Workers' Compensation

Workers Compensation

In the evolving and often relentless world of workers' compensation, Cooper Levenson has earned a preeminent reputation among insureds, insurance companies, and third-party administrators. Our ability to evaluate and process claims wisely and efficiently - consistent with the strategic guidelines set by our clients - is unmatched. We understand the pressures and priorities related to the timely disposition of these cases, whether complex or routine, and we offer distinct advantages to those whose interests we serve :

  • Knowing the landscape - Our attorneys have a deep and detailed understanding of the system and its participants, as well as every aspect of the current and relevant law.
  • Careful case assessment - Knowing which claims to settle and which ones to litigate aggressively is the critical first step in achieving a balance between minimizing costs, discouraging frivolous actions, and maintaining positive workplace morale.
  • Precise and thorough approach - Beginning with the careful evaluation of each claim, including its medical implications and management, through its final disposition, we pay meticulous attention to every important detail.
  • Careful stewardship of client resources - We delineate responsibilities inside the practice in the most cost-effective manner, assigning our experienced paralegals to important matters that do not require an attorney's involvement.
  • Technology - Our powerful, practice-specific IT resources allow us to manage, process, and protect all information related to our workers' compensation cases. We are equally comfortable and adept operating in either a "paperless" or more traditional hard-copy environment, and can configure our systems to work seamlessly with yours.
  • Demonstrated excellence - We are approved by a preponderance of insurance carriers and third-party administrators.
  • Communication - We know from long experience the importance of maintaining open, ongoing communication with our clients, and we are committed to being available whenever we're needed.
  • Full-firm resources - Many clients appreciate knowing that Cooper Levenson offers the multi-practice support of a major firm to assist in any legal matter related to their business.

We know of no firm better equipped to deliver timely, cost-efficient outcomes.

Practice Area Attorneys

Sylvester, Kenneth J. - Practice Group Chair
Paoli, James P. - Partner