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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)/Mediation

The goal of any Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or mediation process is to reach an agreement that satisfies the needs of both parties without exhausting valuable resources in an unnecessary court case. While not appropriate in all instances, many matters can be efficiently settled through these alternative methods.

The attorneys in Cooper Levenson's ADR practice group are committed to providing valuable services to outside attorneys, assisting in evaluating all options - ADR, mediation, or other non-traditional approaches - for expeditious and efficient solutions to disputes.

Cooper Levenson attorneys are skilled and seasoned mediators in many types of matters, including:

The attorneys in Cooper Levenson's Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group have a combined century of experience in the nuances of arbitration, mediation and other methods of complementary dispute resolution. In addition to having served as both plaintiff and defense counsel, our attorneys maintain an aggressive schedule of specialized training and continuing education classes to insure that we offering our clients the most effective means and methods available. This combination of experience, knowledge, and continuous improvement allows us to offer clients a unique understanding of alternative dispute resolution. The attorneys in Cooper Levenson's ADR / Mediation Practice Group offer:

Cooper Levenson's Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group can offer valuable solutions to outside attorneys in need of a neutral. Together, we can streamline the dispute resolution process - resulting in an efficient and effective solution for you and your clients.

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