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Redevelopment Law

The firm has extensive experience in redevelopment projects. We have worked closely with government entities to draft and review redevelopment plans, and have guided clients through the process of designating "areas in need of rehabilitation" and "areas in need of redevelopment."

In addition to the municipal and governmental clients listed in our representative client list, we would call attention to a few particular clients. Cooper Levenson served as counsel for the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority during the planning and construction phases of its $70 million convention center, a project heralded as an economic engine for a community also in the midst of a revitalization effort.

Additional examples of our redevelopment experience on with governmental agencies include our experience serving for many years as counsel to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority with regard to the redevelopment of the Northeast Inlet of Atlantic City. We also recently completed a condemnation project for the Housing Authority of Bridgeton and currently represent the Newark Housing Authority.

In addition to representing municipalities and government entities, the firm also represents private developers. Our attorneys currently serve as land use counsel to the developer of a $2.6 billion project, pursuant to a redevelopment plan. The Cooper Levenson team led the developer through CAFRA (Coastal Area Facility Review Act), New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, site plan approval from the City of Atlantic City Planning Board, and other municipal and state land use regulations. It is this combination of experience from both perspectives - that of the municipality and that of the developer - that allows Cooper Levenson to bring a unique perspective to the table.

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