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Promoting Your Business Through Promotions

Promotions are an effective way to increase business and build brand awareness. With the advent of technology, events that were once limited to onsite or television broadcasts can now be covered through apps, both mobile and online.

Once you have decided the finer details of your promotion, the attorneys at Cooper Levenson, will work with you to ensure the integrity of your campaign is legally sound.

Identifying And Tailoring Strategies For Sweepstakes, Contests And Promotions

From startup enterprises to high-profile companies throughout New Jersey, we help our business clients identify the best gaming and promotional channels, including:

Proactive steps are necessary to develop and implement multi-channel, in-store promotions and scavenger hunts correctly and in compliance with existing and applicable laws. Those steps encompass:

We also represent companies who are under regulatory investigation or defendants in lawsuits brought by authorities and participants in the promotional event. Our lawyers establish strong defenses with a focus on protecting our clients' business interests and reputations.

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