Attorney Discipline, Ethics Matters, Professional Defense

Lawyers subjected to ethics grievances, and the lawyers who represent them, often have little familiarity with the procedural aspects of the disciplinary system. The common assumption is that the Rules of Court governing the Superior Court are applicable directly or by analogy to the disciplinary process. This is incorrect and often leads to less than optimal results. What is already an anxious moment in the life of a professional is needlessly exacerbated.

For an attorney, a charge of unethical behavior or professional misconduct is a serious issue. Ethics complaints are increasingly common and can severely impact a lawyer’s career, reputation, and even their license to practice law.

Legal professionals can depend on Cooper Levenson attorneys to guide them regarding the Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Our attorneys have published and spoken on legal ethics topics and have argued legal ethics matters.

Fredric L. Shenkman (Ric), Chairman of Cooper Levenson’s Ethics Practice Group, is a former member, Chair and Secretary of New Jersey District I Ethics Committee.

Read Ric’s primer for an overview of the process.

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