An Overview Of Indemnification And “additional Insured” Coverage

Attorneys who comprise this department are in fact TRIAL attorneys. Each case is analyzed by the Chairman of the department and an active trial attorney, in an effort to identify those matters which are most likely to be tried and those which are most likely to settle. The approach, however, in the handling of each case is the same, unless directed otherwise by the client. The basic philosophy of
this firm is to require our adversary to react to us, as opposed to us reacting to them. This is done by taking a positive, aggressive approach in the discovery process and the obtaining of information from outside sources. This sets the tone for the handling of the claim and immediately signals to our adversary that, whether it is a case to be settled or tried, he knows that he has his work ahead of him.

Geographically, the Tort Litigation Department handles litigation for our insurance clients and selfinsured statewide in the 21 counties of New Jersey and four Pennsylvania counties. The attorneys of the department routinely try cases involving automobile, fall down, false arrest, libel, slander, medical
malpractice, construction, and UIM and UP declaratory judgment actions.

In addition, since the inception of casino gambling in Atlantic City, we have provided legal representation to various casino properties. Each of these properties has its own risk management and legal departments with which we interface on a daily basis. Therefore, we have gained more than 20 years of extensive experience in providing legal advice to all departments of these casino operations including security, construction, facilities, operations, and personnel.

Date Published: March 1, 2017

Written by: Louis Niedelman

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