The Season of Giving (But Not Too Much)

by Alexandra Rigden, Esq., Family Law Practice Group It’s that time of year again when everyone is focused on giving (and getting) presents. These words of advice may leave you feeling a bit chilly, but here are some caveats to remember about gift giving at the holidays: If an engagement ends without a resulting marriage—regardless … Continue reading “The Season of Giving (But Not Too Much)”

Self-Defeating Tweeting (and other social media pitfalls)

It’s too bad there isn’t some Miranda-type warning before posting on social media, something along the lines of: what you post online can and will be used against you in a (family) court of law. It seems elementary but it bears repeating: be careful what you post—whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even … Continue reading “Self-Defeating Tweeting (and other social media pitfalls)”

Don’t Pay Your Lawyer For This

By: Alexandra K. Rigden, Esq. Law is a business. So, this blog is actually against my financial interests because I am here to tell you what you should NOT pay your family law attorney to do: Referee day-to-day, ordinary parenting disputes: Fighting through lawyers over day-to-day, ordinary parenting disputes, can come with a high price … Continue reading “Don’t Pay Your Lawyer For This”

The Certification and Verification of Non-Collusion: A Thing of the Past

As first appeared in the New Jersey State Bar Association Family Law Section, New Jersey Family Lawyer Commentary by Alexandra K. Rigden No matter the grounds, in order to file a complaint or counterclaim for divorce in New Jersey, a client must sign the certification of verification and non-collusion under Rule 5:4-2(c). The ‘non-collusion’ aspect … Continue reading “The Certification and Verification of Non-Collusion: A Thing of the Past”

LGBT Divorce in New Jersey – Are We Really Equal?

We’ve come a long way, baby. In 13 years, the landscape for marriage equality has changed dramatically in New Jersey (and in the United States). New Jersey has been one of the most progressive states in addressing the rights of same-sex couples and marriage equality. In 2004, New Jersey’s Domestic Partnership Act came in to … Continue reading “LGBT Divorce in New Jersey – Are We Really Equal?”

Bad But Not Bad Enough

Parties to a family law litigation generally believe, and justifiably so, that if something is going wrong, someone should be able to fix it—the attorneys, the police, or the courts. Unfortunately, there are some situations in family cases which, although troubling, cannot be fixed absent a change in the law, an escalation of the facts, … Continue reading “Bad But Not Bad Enough”

Debt to Society and to Children

A child support obligation is subject to review by a court when there is a change in the obligor’s financial circumstances. One may be surprised to learn, however, that this is true even when the change in financial circumstances is self-created by an obligor committing a crime that results in a prison sentence. If an … Continue reading “Debt to Society and to Children”

Starting Over and Staying Over

I am often contacted by distressed clients who do not want their children exposed to a soon-to-be ex-spouse’s boyfriend or girlfriend during a divorce litigation. It would seem like a no-brainer…wouldn’t it be too confusing and potentially traumatizing for the children to be around mommy or daddy’s new significant other before the divorce is even … Continue reading “Starting Over and Staying Over”

Weapons Forfeiture and Domestic Violence

Here is a scenario many are, unfortunately, familiar with: Mary calls the police on her husband, Mike. While there, the police ask Mike if he has any weapons. Mike tells them he is a licensed gun owner. The police seize his weapons, along with his firearms purchaser ID card. Because of Mary’s call to the … Continue reading “Weapons Forfeiture and Domestic Violence”