Insurance Coverage for Business Owners… What Coverage is Best?

By: Louis Niedelman, Esq. Published in “The Chronicle”, a Southern New Jersey Development Council Publication Business owners and operators know that they must protect themselves from various risks and perils that are acts of nature or human behavior. The best protection is comprehensive insurance coverage that maximizes benefits and minimizes losses……. Click here to read … Continue reading “Insurance Coverage for Business Owners… What Coverage is Best?”

When the FBI shows up at your door

The scenario is unfathomable to an operating business, whether large or small: two federal agents show up at an employee’s house, at night or in the early morning, asking about individuals or specific incidents in the company. The agents can be from the IRS, FBI, Homeland Security or from an agency Inspector General’s Office. The … Continue reading “When the FBI shows up at your door”

Veterinary Offices Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Although the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) may not apply to animals, it does not mean that a veterinary practice should ignore cyber security best practices. Many veterinary owners believe that their practices will never be subject to the cyber security threats that we so often hear about in the news. However, many … Continue reading “Veterinary Offices Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks”

Re-inventing Atlantic City

In Louis Malle’s classic 1980 film, Atlantic City, Burt Lancaster’s character stares wistfully out from the Boardwalk. “You should have seen the Atlantic Ocean in those days.” The response he gets is a quizzical look. After all, the ocean is always the ocean. Right? Maybe, but Atlantic City is not always Atlantic City. It changes … Continue reading “Re-inventing Atlantic City”

Taxation of Cancelled Debt arising from Foreclosure of Real Property

While the United States economy slowly improves, foreclosure rates continue to remain high. According to RealtyTrac, there were nearly 127,000 foreclosures filed in May 2015 and New Jersey had one of the highest rate of foreclosures in the nation. In fact, one in every 483 housing units is being foreclosed. New Jersey experienced a 197 … Continue reading “Taxation of Cancelled Debt arising from Foreclosure of Real Property”

Changes in Nevada Corporate Tax Practices

Tax Alert – On May 31, 2015, the Nevada Legislature (i) approved a “Commerce Tax” on all business transacted in Nevada and (ii) increased the rate and expanded the number of businesses required to pay the Modified Business Tax (“MBT”). The Commerce Tax is imposed annually on all businesses with Nevada-sourced gross revenue in excess … Continue reading “Changes in Nevada Corporate Tax Practices”

Should my company be an LLC or an S Corp?

With the increase in popularity of shows such as Shark Tank and The Profit, there has been a significant increase in entrepreneurs starting new businesses. There are numerous reasons why owners should form business entities. One of the most common questions that we receive is about the type of business entity that a business owner … Continue reading “Should my company be an LLC or an S Corp?”

The Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Responsibilities of Large, Midsize & Small Employers

Date: 11/19/2014 Publication: Website CooperLevenson Publication: Website Summary: Introduction: An Employer’s responsibility to offer health insurance under the Affordable Care Act depends on the number of full time equivalent people employed. A business with fewer than 50 full time equivalent employees is not required to offer health insurance; beginning in 2016, a business with 50-99 … Continue reading “The Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Responsibilities of Large, Midsize & Small Employers”

Business Briefs: Mark Soifer on LLC Liability

Mark Soifer, who practices commercial litigation with Cooper Levenson, said the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act will allow minority partners to take legal action if they suspect illegal or fraudulent activity and in cases where managers or controlling members are acting in a manner that is oppressive and was, is, or will be directly … Continue reading “Business Briefs: Mark Soifer on LLC Liability”

Rick Walker Presentation: Thinking Outside the Solar Energy Box

Richard H. Walker, Jr. presented Thinking Outside the Solar Energy Box – Sustainable Energy Planning for your District. This seminar highlights ways for school districts to address the high costs of energy today that go beyond solar power. New Jersey offers several energy programs for school districts to consider and this session clarifies those options. … Continue reading “Rick Walker Presentation: Thinking Outside the Solar Energy Box”