Brain injury after a car accident

You are at risk for a car accident in New Jersey every time you get in your vehicle. While any injury you may sustain during a collision could cause serious damage, one of the most potentially debilitating is trauma to the head. Here at Cooper Levenson Attorneys at Law, we understand the devastating effects that … Continue reading “Brain injury after a car accident”

How Do I Stay Alert While Driving?

Most people in New Jersey probably understand the dangers associated with drowsy driving to an certain extent. However, according to UCLA Health, driving while tired may be as dangerous as drunk driving. It has the same effect on your mind and body’s ability to respond to the surroundings in a timely manner. In fact, an estimated … Continue reading “How Do I Stay Alert While Driving?”

The Costs of a Car Accident

The United States does not have a healthy track record when it comes to car accidents. In fact, according to CNN, when analyzed in a group of 20 affluent countries, the U.S. had the highest traffic-related death rate. The study found that an average of 19 car accident deaths occurred every day in the United … Continue reading “The Costs of a Car Accident”

Effect of sleeping pills on drivers

There are many factors which may affect drivers’ performance on the road in New Jersey. Driving under the influence of alcohol or while distracted by mobile devices has led to many accidents and deaths. However, there is another potential source of impairment for people behind the wheel: sleeping pills. ABC News reported an experiment that … Continue reading “Effect of sleeping pills on drivers”

Beware of “Ice Missiles”

By Randolph C. Lafferty With the winter weather upon us, those of us who live in one of the cold-weather states will be dealing with snow and ice on motor vehicles. Everyone has probably observed, if not experienced, a vehicle covered in snow and ice driving on a highway. Then, without warning, some of the … Continue reading “Beware of “Ice Missiles””

When Accidents Happen

In my years of practice, I have addressed the issue of when accidents – whether due to car accidents, strokes, or other debilitating illnesses – happen unexpectedly. I have seen firsthand what difficulties this causes families. While many people do prepare for end of life planning – i.e. a Last Will and Testament – often … Continue reading “When Accidents Happen”

Psychological effects for car accident victims

For the victims of car accidents in New Jersey, particularly pedestrians, the psychological damages may last much longer than physical injuries. The New York Times recounts the experiences of several of its own employees who werepedestrians struck by vehicles. These victims explain how their lives have been forever changed by that one event, including the … Continue reading “Psychological effects for car accident victims”

How to respond to a hit-and-run accident

Any car accident can be a traumatizing experience. The unexpected jolt and crunch of metal causes immediate stress in many. However, this experience can become even worse if the person at fault leaves the scene. The state of New Jersey takes hit-and-run offenses very seriously. The state’s driver manual says that a hit-and-run resulting in death … Continue reading “How to respond to a hit-and-run accident”

Teens and distracted driving: Statistics and safety measures

Distracted driving is a serious problem in New Jersey and around the country. In fact, it has become such an issue that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an initiative to alert the public about its effects and to offer solutions. According to NHTSA, driver distractions lead to fatalities that may exceed 3,000 per … Continue reading “Teens and distracted driving: Statistics and safety measures”