Peter Y. Fu, Esq. on today’s news from Equifax

On Tuesday, September 7, 2017, Equifax announced up to 143 million consumers may have been subject to a data breach event from mid-May to July 2017. The affected information appears to consist of three categories of information: (i) personal identifying information, including names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s licenses; (ii) personal financial … Continue reading “Peter Y. Fu, Esq. on today’s news from Equifax”


In March 2016, the New Jersey Senate introduced a Bill that was unanimously approved on September 15, 2016, which restricts the collection and use of personal information by retailers for certain purposes. The Bill was modified and approved by the Assembly and Senate in June 2017. On July 21, 2017, Governor Chris Christie signed into … Continue reading “ATTENTION RETAILERS: NEW PRIVACY LAWS ENACTED IN NEW JERSEY”

WannaCry Predicted to Mushroom This Weekend

It is highly recommended that individuals and organizations using Microsoft Enterprise  tools and Windows operating systems confirm that their technology was properly patched with Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010, released March 14, 2017. As of the date of this Alert, ransomware known as WannaCry infected computers in 99 countries in less than 14 hours, primarily on … Continue reading “WannaCry Predicted to Mushroom This Weekend”

What You Need to Know About the Panama Papers

“[Our commitment to our clients’ privacy] has always been paramount, and in this regard your confidential information is stored in our state-of-the-art data center, and any communication within our global network is handled through an encryption algorithm that complies with the highest world-class standards.” -Mossack & Fonseca Co. (Panama) April 2013 statement to clients nearly … Continue reading “What You Need to Know About the Panama Papers”

Veterinary Offices Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Although the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) may not apply to animals, it does not mean that a veterinary practice should ignore cyber security best practices. Many veterinary owners believe that their practices will never be subject to the cyber security threats that we so often hear about in the news. However, many … Continue reading “Veterinary Offices Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks”

Gaming Industry Cyber Risks in 2015-2016

As a result of the industry’s overwhelming reliance on online technologies, cyber risks impacting gaming service providers have shifted from tolerable nuisances to game-changing breaches. In 2015-2016, these cyber risks have largely targeted virtual gaming operations and casino payment systems. All digital games of chance and games of skill rely on complex random number generators … Continue reading “Gaming Industry Cyber Risks in 2015-2016”

Privacy, Mass Data and the Apple Dilemma

On February 16, 2016, Magistrate Sheri Pym of the United States District Court of Central California ordered Apple Inc. (“Apple”) to affirmatively develop tools to bypass or disable the auto-erase function on an iPhone 5C owned by the target of a criminal investigation, to enable the Federal Bureau of Investigations (“FBI”) to circumvent native iPhone … Continue reading “Privacy, Mass Data and the Apple Dilemma”

Smartphone is Key to Preventing ATM Thefts

Theft of personal identification numbers (PINs) has become so common that it is usually only reported in the news if it occurs in your local area, as it did in our neighboring town of Margate, New Jersey in September 2015 ( By now, most people know that they need to be very careful in safeguarding … Continue reading “Smartphone is Key to Preventing ATM Thefts”

East Coast Gaming Congress To Address Cyber Security & Compliance

A new panel added to the lineup of the 19th Annual East Coast Gaming Congress will address the growing threat of cyber attacks in the context of online gaming. The Cybersecurity & Compliance panel will take place from 10:40 a.m. to 11:55 a.m. on Thursday, May 28 in Studio 1 at the Borgata Hotel & … Continue reading “East Coast Gaming Congress To Address Cyber Security & Compliance”

The 2015 U.S. Measles Outbreak as a Case Study for Cybersecurity in Enterprise Risk Management

Date: 02/03/2015 Publication: Website CooperLevenson Publication: Website Summary: The greatest obstacle in modern enterprise risk management is explaining the concept of cybersecurity to people that have minimal background with technology and online services. One of the most effective ways to overcome this problem is by drawing parallels between the cybersecurity world and the real world. … Continue reading “The 2015 U.S. Measles Outbreak as a Case Study for Cybersecurity in Enterprise Risk Management”