Is enforcing payment under religious agreement a “double-dip” if alimony is also awarded?

Written by Daria B. Janka, Esq. & Cynthia N. Grob, Esq. Download the article PDF (Bulgarian) American Courts increasingly must deal with how to treat shari’ah law in divorce proceedings. To quote a Mhar Agreement: “This is a prompt Mahr: One gold coin, sum of money and jewelry to be given prior to marriage, sum … Continue reading “Is enforcing payment under religious agreement a “double-dip” if alimony is also awarded?”

Divorce Lawyers Know: One Size Does Not Fit All

by Ronald G. Lieberman, Esq. As a family law/divorce attorney, I must be sensitive to my client’s backgrounds (cultural, economic, religious to name a few) . I must be sensitive to the fact that people from different cultures or religions may have a different view of marriage and divorce. I must listen to what you … Continue reading “Divorce Lawyers Know: One Size Does Not Fit All”

Don’t Pay Your Lawyer For This

By: Alexandra K. Rigden, Esq. Law is a business. So, this blog is actually against my financial interests because I am here to tell you what you should NOT pay your family law attorney to do: Referee day-to-day, ordinary parenting disputes: Fighting through lawyers over day-to-day, ordinary parenting disputes, can come with a high price … Continue reading “Don’t Pay Your Lawyer For This”

Parenting Plans

Divorce is an emotional process. As parents begin to develop a parenting plan, the need for flexibility and responsibility are important in creating options that consider the child first. An effective parenting plan maximizes the child’s emotional security. It also needs to work well for both the child and the parents, and develop as the … Continue reading “Parenting Plans”

Grey Divorce: Will you still need me when I’m 64?

Any divorce is fraught with pitfalls but divorces when the parties are older have some which warrant attention. Beneficiaries of life insurance and retirement assets needs to be changed upon a divorce, to the extent permitted by any agreement or decree. Wills and trusts in effect need to be revoked and then rewritten as well … Continue reading “Grey Divorce: Will you still need me when I’m 64?”

Is there Alimony in Pennsylvania?

The simply answer is “yes”; however it is important when you are getting a divorce to understand how and when alimony is an issue. Alimony, at times referred to as spousal support or maintenance, is handled differently in Pennsylvania than in New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, once a divorce decree has been entered, the court may … Continue reading “Is there Alimony in Pennsylvania?”

Can I sell my house during a divorce?

By: Ronald G. Lieberman, Esq. The home can be seen as a source of financial stress. Selling a home during a divorce can only be done with the consent of the other spouse or through an order issued by a judge. If there will be an agreement to sell with your spouse, you should be … Continue reading “Can I sell my house during a divorce?”

Life Insurance: Why? How Much? What Kind?

by: Ronald G. Lieberman, Esquire Life insurance is needed to secure payments of alimony, child support, and even payouts of equitable distribution following a divorce. The need for it is clear, along with the need for cash flow to pay the premiums. But, questions about the amount and types of coverage should be a common … Continue reading “Life Insurance: Why? How Much? What Kind?”

Cooper Levenson Expands Family Law with New Partner Ronald G. Lieberman

Ronald G. Lieberman, certified as a Matrimonial Law Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, has joined Cooper Levenson as a partner in the family/matrimonial department. Lieberman is based in the firm’s Cherry Hill office. He will continue to practice in all areas of family/matrimonial law, including divorce, child custody, domestic violence, child support, … Continue reading “Cooper Levenson Expands Family Law with New Partner Ronald G. Lieberman”