Considerations When Seeking Alimony In New Jersey

Alimony payments are not offered everywhere, but you can seek them in New Jersey if you are going through a divorce. In short, these are simply payments that one spouse is asked to make to the other in order to support him or her after the split. The idea behind these payments is that the … Continue reading “Considerations When Seeking Alimony In New Jersey”

Tips For Navigating The Financial Side Of A “gray” Divorce

When a couple is planning to divorce, it can be a complicated process. Particularly when that couple is going through a gray divorce and have been married for many years, it is common for these individuals to become entangled in the emotional aspect of the situation. However, if separating New Jersey spouses keep a few … Continue reading “Tips For Navigating The Financial Side Of A “gray” Divorce”

Does More Wedding Day Spending Mean A Greater Chance Of Divorce?

While a wedding is certainly a cause for celebration, it can also be a cause of financial stress. That’s because many couples end up spending considerable money for their walk down the aisle with the largest sums often going towards engagement rings and the ceremony itself. Interestingly enough, a recently released study by economics professors … Continue reading “Does More Wedding Day Spending Mean A Greater Chance Of Divorce?”

Talking Constructively About A Prenuptial Agreement

In a previous post, our blog discussed how even though the idea of executing a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married may seem like a like an unromantic and uncomfortable notion, it can end up paying real dividends in the event of a divorce. That’s because a legally binding prenuptial agreement sets forth very clear … Continue reading “Talking Constructively About A Prenuptial Agreement”

$17 Billion Harold Hamm Divorce Asset Contested In Court

When a married couple chooses to divorce, that family may come from a more humble socio-economic class, or that couple may be much more affluent. For those of the upper class in New Jersey as well as in the rest of the country, it could indicate that a significant amount of money may be contested. … Continue reading “$17 Billion Harold Hamm Divorce Asset Contested In Court”

Why Prenuptial Agreements Are Nothing To Be Afraid Of

There is perhaps no more exciting time in a couple’s life than the days leading up to their wedding. However, before they can say “I do” in front of their assembled family and friends, they are important preparations that must be undertaken from picking the venue and the food courses to buying rings and even … Continue reading “Why Prenuptial Agreements Are Nothing To Be Afraid Of”

A Primer On No-fault Divorce In New Jersey

Regardless of whether a person is ready to file for divorce tomorrow or simply considering it as one of many options available to them, there is a very good chance that they are going to have questions about everything the process entails from the initial filing of the complaint to important divorce-related topics as child … Continue reading “A Primer On No-fault Divorce In New Jersey”

Collaborative Divorce Could Benefit Couples & Courts

There may soon be another option for divorce in New Jersey. The State Assembly unanimously approved A-1477, a bill that allows collaborative divorce-a voluntary process similar to mediation that doesn’t require a court proceeding. A Senate version, S-1224, is awaiting a floor vote. Known as the Family Collaborative Law Act, its advantages are many. First, … Continue reading “Collaborative Divorce Could Benefit Couples & Courts”

The Value In Taking Stock Of Your Finances Early In A Divorce

Once divorce papers have officially been filed, it’s not uncommon for a person to experience a wide range of emotions from anxiety and sadness to relief and even exhilaration. In light of this reality and everything else suddenly brought about by the pursuit of a marital split — new living quarters, new custody arrangements, etc. … Continue reading “The Value In Taking Stock Of Your Finances Early In A Divorce”

Divorce And The Division Of Retirement Accounts

When the difficult decision to pursue a divorce is finally made, the soon-to-be split couple will have a multitude of issues they will likely need resolved, including the payment of alimony and child support, the resolution of any child custody disputes and, of course, the division of marital property. While this division of marital property … Continue reading “Divorce And The Division Of Retirement Accounts”