The Opportunity to Compete Act

Date: 12/31/2014 Publication: Website CooperLevenson Publication: Website Summary: Starting in March, employers will no longer be able to ask about criminal history during the initial hiring process in New Jersey. That is the result of the New Jersey Opportunity to Compete Act signed into law by Governor Christie this past August. Employers will still be … Continue reading “The Opportunity to Compete Act”

Accessibility v. Accessories: Distinguishing Between Service Animals and Pets

New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination and the Americans With Disabilities Act both permit the use of service dogs anywhere an individual with a disability is permitted. Beyond the familiar harnessed seeing eye dog, these animals can be trained to pull a wheelchair, retrieve dropped items, alert of an impending seizure or calm a person with … Continue reading “Accessibility v. Accessories: Distinguishing Between Service Animals and Pets”

Defining “Disability” and “Reasonable Accommodation”

Although employers may want to hire employees with disabilities, they often are confused and uncertain about the rights and expectations for, first, defining “disability” and, second, just what it means to ensure the workplace can accommodate the employee appropriately. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) both require an … Continue reading “Defining “Disability” and “Reasonable Accommodation””

Social Media Policy

Implementing and enforcing social media policies has been a top priority for many employers within recent years, and with good reason. It is now crucial that employers take a careful look at their own social media policies. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued opinion memoranda which equate “comments” and “likes” on Facebook and … Continue reading “Social Media Policy”

Business Texters & Tweeters

Every hour, day and night, folks are texting and tweeting and using the Internet for conversation, commentary and virtually every type of communication. Collectively, it’s called Social Media, a phenomenon that has amassed the power, potential and proliferation to revolutionize how business is being done these days. Business Texters and Tweeters.pdf

Facts about Sexual Harrassment May Surprise You

Unfortunately, despite years of focus in the media and in training sessions at workplaces nationwide, sexual harassment persists. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides the following “Facts About Sexual Harassment” that are helpful when considering your own conduct or the conduct of another within your workplace. Facts about Sexual Harrassment May Surprise You.pdf

Maternity Leave in New Jersey – Know Your Rights

Many women are extremely confused about their employment rights as expectant and new mothers. Many employers are also confused! When so few understand the various laws that apply, it is possible that you are also misinformed. This article is a short summary of a very complicated area of the law. First, many employees are entitled … Continue reading “Maternity Leave in New Jersey – Know Your Rights”

Gripe Sites: Your Employees & Their Social Networks

Do you know what your employees are saying about you on Facebook? If it’s negative, do you have any legal standing? Here’s what we know so far. Your employees may be talking about your business, your customers, their co-workers, or you on their Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or other social networking page. Most employers have considered … Continue reading “Gripe Sites: Your Employees & Their Social Networks”

New COBRA Subsidies Under The Arra

NEW COBRA SUBSIDIES UNDER THE ARRA EMPLOYERS REQUIRED TO TAKE PROMPT ACTION OVERVIEW On February 17, 2009, President Barack Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (“ARRA”), commonly known as the Economic Stimulus package. One of the key provisions of the ARRA provides for a subsidy of COBRA benefits. Employers … Continue reading “New COBRA Subsidies Under The Arra”

What’s So Special About A Special Employer

When an accident occurs on a construction site, the injured party typically sues the owner of the property, the general contractor and the various subcontractors. There is a wellestablished, yet under utilized doctrine of law which, under the right circumstances, provides the same immunity from liability to a general contractor or subcontractor as that provided … Continue reading “What’s So Special About A Special Employer”