How Can My Transgender Child Change Their Name?

In a recent a Superior Court decision, Sacklow v. Betts, the Court addressed an issue of first impression in New Jersey; what standard to apply to a transgender minor child’s name change application. In this case, Judge Marcia Silva found that the best interest of the child standard should govern the court’s decision and that … Continue reading “How Can My Transgender Child Change Their Name?”

LGBT Divorce in New Jersey – Are We Really Equal?

We’ve come a long way, baby. In 13 years, the landscape for marriage equality has changed dramatically in New Jersey (and in the United States). New Jersey has been one of the most progressive states in addressing the rights of same-sex couples and marriage equality. In 2004, New Jersey’s Domestic Partnership Act came in to … Continue reading “LGBT Divorce in New Jersey – Are We Really Equal?”

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Family Law Services

Hiring an attorney to represent you in your family law matter is often an intimidating process. Making the initial call to a lawyer to discuss your divorce can create a high emotional barrier. To help, I’ve identified five tips to ensure you get the most out of your family law services. Ask questions. Silence is … Continue reading “5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Family Law Services”

Parenting Plans

Divorce is an emotional process. As parents begin to develop a parenting plan, the need for flexibility and responsibility are important in creating options that consider the child first. An effective parenting plan maximizes the child’s emotional security. It also needs to work well for both the child and the parents, and develop as the … Continue reading “Parenting Plans”

How Social Media Can Be Used Against You in Family Law Cases

Like many people, you are likely active on social media. Adding personal information and sharing pages, photographs and posts you others is often part of our daily lives; however, if you are currently involved in a divorce, custody or post-judgement matter, you might want to limit your usage for a while. Your comments, photographs or … Continue reading “How Social Media Can Be Used Against You in Family Law Cases”

New Jersey enacted a new child support law. It’s dense, complex, and full of pitfalls. So, let’s demystify it.

Termination of Child Support The law provides that the obligation to pay child support shall terminate without order on the date a child marries, dies or enters into military service. Child support shall also terminate when a child reaches 19 years of age unless: 1. another age for such termination is specified in a court … Continue reading “New Jersey enacted a new child support law. It’s dense, complex, and full of pitfalls. So, let’s demystify it.”

The Cost of Raising a Child

Child support is designed to allow the child or children to maintain a standard of living, despite the divorce or separation of their parents. Frequently, I hear from either the payer or the recipient of child support, that it is too low to raise a child. Well, they are likely correct, which makes it even … Continue reading “The Cost of Raising a Child”

Jennifer Swift Joins Cooper Levenson

Jennifer Swift has joined the Appeals and Research Practice Group at Cooper Levenson. She will be based in the firm’s Atlantic City office. Swift comes to Cooper Levenson from the Swift Law Firm, where she practiced for more than 10 years in the areas of appeals and post-conviction relief. These included appeals for the Office … Continue reading “Jennifer Swift Joins Cooper Levenson”

Bad But Not Bad Enough

Parties to a family law litigation generally believe, and justifiably so, that if something is going wrong, someone should be able to fix it—the attorneys, the police, or the courts. Unfortunately, there are some situations in family cases which, although troubling, cannot be fixed absent a change in the law, an escalation of the facts, … Continue reading “Bad But Not Bad Enough”