Appellate Court of New Jersey approved for publication an appeal filed by Ronald G. Lieberman on Dec 5, 2016

In sum, the Appellate Division held that regardless of the parties’ agreement for a final restraining order to continue, if it was void from the start, it was void for settlement purposes. Thus, the Appellate Division agreed with me that judges must find that an act of domestic violence occurred and that victim needs protection … Continue reading “Appellate Court of New Jersey approved for publication an appeal filed by Ronald G. Lieberman on Dec 5, 2016”

Debt to Society and to Children

A child support obligation is subject to review by a court when there is a change in the obligor’s financial circumstances. One may be surprised to learn, however, that this is true even when the change in financial circumstances is self-created by an obligor committing a crime that results in a prison sentence. If an … Continue reading “Debt to Society and to Children”

Starting Over and Staying Over

I am often contacted by distressed clients who do not want their children exposed to a soon-to-be ex-spouse’s boyfriend or girlfriend during a divorce litigation. It would seem like a no-brainer…wouldn’t it be too confusing and potentially traumatizing for the children to be around mommy or daddy’s new significant other before the divorce is even … Continue reading “Starting Over and Staying Over”

Is there Alimony in Pennsylvania?

The simply answer is “yes”; however it is important when you are getting a divorce to understand how and when alimony is an issue. Alimony, at times referred to as spousal support or maintenance, is handled differently in Pennsylvania than in New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, once a divorce decree has been entered, the court may … Continue reading “Is there Alimony in Pennsylvania?”

Weapons Forfeiture and Domestic Violence

Here is a scenario many are, unfortunately, familiar with: Mary calls the police on her husband, Mike. While there, the police ask Mike if he has any weapons. Mike tells them he is a licensed gun owner. The police seize his weapons, along with his firearms purchaser ID card. Because of Mary’s call to the … Continue reading “Weapons Forfeiture and Domestic Violence”

What’s in a Name?

How easily can you change your name? Names changed through marriage do not require a visit to a lawyer or a courtroom. Your marriage license is generally all that’s needed. If you’re getting divorced, you can generally request that the judge handling your divorce formally restore your old name. What if you change your name … Continue reading “What’s in a Name?”

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (Balm)

Prior to 1935, a jilted lover could sue and recover damages for alienation of affection, adultery, and breach of promise to marry. However, in June of 1935, the Heart Balm Act went into effect in New Jersey. Still the law today, the Heart Balm Act abolished any formerly existing right to sue and recover damages under these causes of action. So what … Continue reading “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (Balm)”

Prenuptial Agreements

For some, before the “I do” comes the “sign here.” Prenuptial agreements may not be the stuff of great romance, but they are a necessary evil if you have assets to protect.  So how iron-clad are prenuptial agreements? Just how much protection does a prenuptial agreement actually afford? The answer depends largely on when you entered into the prenuptial … Continue reading “Prenuptial Agreements”