Prenuptial Agreements

For some, before the “I do” comes the “sign here.” Prenuptial agreements may not be the stuff of great romance, but they are a necessary evil if you have assets to protect.  So how iron-clad are prenuptial agreements? Just how much protection does a prenuptial agreement actually afford? The answer depends largely on when you entered into the prenuptial … Continue reading “Prenuptial Agreements”

Who Gets What? Contract Protects Will in Blended Family

Non-traditional families can present interesting challenges in the event of a death. For instance, a husband and wife may have children and grandchildren from prior marriages. How do you ensure that they will be adequately provided for if you predecease your spouse? The Superior Court of New Jersey recently ruled on a case where a … Continue reading “Who Gets What? Contract Protects Will in Blended Family”

The Name Game

How easily can you change your child’s surname? The New Jersey Supreme Court recently answered this question. In the case of Emma v. Evans, the parties had two children who were given their father’s surname, “Emma”, at birth. The parties divorced and the mother was named primary residential parent of the children. After the divorce, the mother … Continue reading “The Name Game”

Pleading for a Divorce

In New Jersey, there are nine grounds for divorce. The most common is “irreconcilable differences.” To file on grounds of irreconcilable differences, you must allege that you and your spouse had irreconcilable differences for at least six months, that the marriage should be dissolved because of those differences, and that there is no reasonable prospect you … Continue reading “Pleading for a Divorce”

The Difference Between a UTMA and a 529 Plan

A Uniform Trust to Minors Act (UTMA) account is a custodial account set up under the rules of a state’s Uniform Gift to Minors Act. The money gifted to a child is put into an account. Typically, the parent acts as custodian for their child’s money until he or she reaches the age of 18 … Continue reading “The Difference Between a UTMA and a 529 Plan”