Local Good Samaritan’s Family in Need

A member of the Cooper Levenson client family was recently tragically killed while acting as a Good Samaritan. John Charlton was attempting to aid a woman who was being assaulted when the assaulter turned on him causing him to sustain fatal injuries. The family has started a “GoFundMe” page – https://www.gofundme.com/a-hero-and-a-gentleman – to help offset … Continue reading “Local Good Samaritan’s Family in Need”

Beware of “Ice Missiles”

By Randolph C. Lafferty With the winter weather upon us, those of us who live in one of the cold-weather states will be dealing with snow and ice on motor vehicles. Everyone has probably observed, if not experienced, a vehicle covered in snow and ice driving on a highway. Then, without warning, some of the … Continue reading “Beware of “Ice Missiles””

Are You Covered?

By: Randolph C. Lafferty and Lindsay Byrne Do you have sufficient insurance coverage in the event of a motor vehicle accident? One of the most important points of safe driving is that drivers must drive “defensively”, not only taking every precaution to operate your own vehicle safely, but also being watchful for the careless and … Continue reading “Are You Covered?”

Why you should not underestimate a brain injury

The human brain has yet to be fully understood by scientists and medical professionals. As the control center for our body, the brain makes us who we are. It gives us the power to think, express ourselves, work, learn and even live. Here at Cooper Levenson Attorneys at Law, we see many car accident victims … Continue reading “Why you should not underestimate a brain injury”

Quan v. Toll Borthers

CASE: A sidewalk slip and fall case in which plaintiff appeals summary judgement based on Supreme Court’s dichotomy between residential and commercial properties. SEE ARTICLE by Larry Granite also “New Jersey Appellate Division Rules Homeowners Association Immune From Tort Liability For Failure to Clear Snow and Ice” Qian vs Toll Brothers (LG).pdf

The Golden Years: Outliving Our Independence

The National Center for Health Statistics reported on June 11, 2008 that life expectancy hit a new record high, surpassing 78 years. One aspect of living longer is an issue that many of us try not to think about – outliving our independence. The truth is that most of us face this situation for at … Continue reading “The Golden Years: Outliving Our Independence”