Considerations When Seeking Alimony In New Jersey

Alimony payments are not offered everywhere, but you can seek them in New Jersey if you are going through a divorce. In short, these are simply payments that one spouse is asked to make to the other in order to support him or her after the split. The idea behind these payments is that the spouse who is receiving them may have given up something — like his or her own career — at the time of the marriage, believing that the other spouse would support him or her. The payments are to help make up for the lack of support when the marriage dissolves.

Alimony is not automatically given out, not by any means. Instead, the court has to consider a lot of different details, such as:

— What standard of living the couple enjoyed when they were married.– What streams of income both parties will retain after the divorce.– If there are children involved and what responsibilities this can create.– The financial contributions that each party has made to the family unit.

You can see how important these factors are. For example, if one spouse was not working in order to take care of children, and he or she is going to have to continue taking care of them after the divorce, alimony may be needed to support the spouse since he or she cannot work. This is not the same as child support, which is to support only the child and not the adult.

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Date Published: March 1, 2017

Written by: Cooper Levenson, P.A.

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