Commercial And Business Loan Availability

Given the commercial loan rates available at this time, it is worthwhile for everyone to take the time to review the terms of your commercial loan obligations. Commercial interest rates are now available to creditworthy borrowers at 3.8% to 4.75%, either fixed or variable, for terms of five to ten years. Most commercial banks are … Continue reading “Commercial And Business Loan Availability”

Social Media Policy

Implementing and enforcing social media policies has been a top priority for many employers within recent years, and with good reason. It is now crucial that employers take a careful look at their own social media policies. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued opinion memoranda which equate “comments” and “likes” on Facebook and … Continue reading “Social Media Policy”

Court Addresses Recoverability Of Medical Expenses Not Covered By Minimal Pip Policy

In the Law Division case of Wise v. Marienski, L-2741-09 a Union County New Jersey superior court judge was presented with the question of whether plaintiffs injured in a motor vehicle accident could recover as damages unpaid medical expenses which exceeded their minimal PIP policy, or whether their election of minimal limits barred them from … Continue reading “Court Addresses Recoverability Of Medical Expenses Not Covered By Minimal Pip Policy”

Tides of Change Poised to Sweep New Jersey’s Gaming Scene

In January the New Jersey Legislature passed and Governor Chris Christie signed legislation to authorize for the first time legalized sports betting in New Jersey, following the passage of a public referendum allowing for same in November of 2011. The implementation of sports betting remains stalled until a ban at the federal level is removed … Continue reading “Tides of Change Poised to Sweep New Jersey’s Gaming Scene”

Court Upholds “employee Exclusion” In Worksite Accident Claim

In a case approved for publication on May 18, 2012, the Appellate Division reversed a trial court determination that required a commercial general liability policy to cover the general contractor in the situation were a subcontractor’s employee was fatally injured in a worksite accident. In Estate of Gabriele v. Lyndhurst Residential Communities, et al. v. … Continue reading “Court Upholds “employee Exclusion” In Worksite Accident Claim”

Business Texters & Tweeters

Every hour, day and night, folks are texting and tweeting and using the Internet for conversation, commentary and virtually every type of communication. Collectively, it’s called Social Media, a phenomenon that has amassed the power, potential and proliferation to revolutionize how business is being done these days. Business Texters and Tweeters.pdf

Avoiding The Heartbreak Of Expensive Litigation – Part 1

For the past 35 years a significant portion of my practice has been devoted to representing people involved in Will contests – cases wherein a family member is suing a sister or brother, or even parents or step-parents regarding a loved one’s assets and last wishes. These lawsuits are often complicated, emotionally draining and very … Continue reading “Avoiding The Heartbreak Of Expensive Litigation – Part 1”

Written Communications Secure In Pennsylvania

Litigators in Pennsylvania can feel secure written communications with their litigation experts are protected from discovery by their adversary. Such communications were recently determined to be immunized from discovery as “attorney work product” and therefore beyond the scope of expert discovery. No longer will counsel have to undertake “elaborate measures to avoid creating a discoverable … Continue reading “Written Communications Secure In Pennsylvania”

Please Join Us Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Breakfast Seminar

An Atlantic/Cape May Chapter of the NJSCPA Education FoundationEvent Presented ByThe Tax & Business Practice Group of Cooper Levenson Attorneys at Law This program will cover the following: Ongoing audit activity both on the federal and state levels, including the responsibility of the preparer and/or the accountant who is representing the taxpayer in the audit. … Continue reading “Please Join Us Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Breakfast Seminar”

Real Estate Valuation Methodogy

Once the highest and best use for real estate is established, the various methodologies for valuing improved property can be utilized. The easiest method to understand is the sales comparison approach a/k/a the comparable sales approach. In this method, value is established by analyzing sales, listings or pending sales of properties that are similar to … Continue reading “Real Estate Valuation Methodogy”