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Read Some Writings By Cooper Levenson Partner Lynne Levin Kaufman On The Most Recent Developments In The Casino Industry

Lynne’s articles have appeared in the New Jersey Law Journal, Casino Enterprise Management magazine, and as aWhite Paper for WrB, the Word Regulatory Briefing event to be held in October 2013.

US Intrastate and Interstate Gaming
As a compact between New Jersey and Nevada has been a subject of recent speculation, WrB USA has just released a white paper – written by Lynne Levin Kaufman from Cooper Levenson, the event’s Legal & Regulatory Advisor – that offers a comparison between regulatory frameworks and analyzes the speculated leap from intrastate to interstate gaming.
Click here to read the US Intrastate and Interstate Gaming White Paper

The Good, the Not as Good, and the Next Steps
In Feb. 2011, Governor Chris Christie signed legislation that streamlined and overhauled the entire gaming regulatory structure in New Jersey. Since the New Jersey gaming regulatory structure was viewed as a best practice model in terms of integrity, some were worried that the revamping would compromise the integrity of the casino industry and lead to a lack of public confidence…
Click here to read the New Jersey Law Journal article “Two Years After…”

Internet Gaming: Piecing Together The Puzzle
Internet gaming is up and running in Nevada and the go-live date in New Jersey is Nov. 26, subject to extension. This article provides some background and sets forth the nuts and bolts of the application processes in both jurisdictions.
Click here to read the Casino Enterprise Management article Internet Gaming: Piecing Together The Puzzle

Date Published: March 1, 2017

Written by: Cooper Levenson, P.A.

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