Topic: Sports Betting. Motto: Never give up. Especially in New Jersey.

After almost 5 years, with the major US sports leagues as strong opponents who had secured numerous victories against sports betting in New Jersey, and after losing almost every step of the way — including an opinion last month by Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall advising the Supreme Court to pass on the case — the U.S. Supreme Court just agreed to hear New Jersey’s appeal to offer legal sports betting. By the way (?)…and especially surprising?  The Supreme Court almost always follows the advice of the Solicitor General.

A win would allow New Jersey to offer legal sports betting at New Jersey casinos and racetracks.

The impact? Not only legalized sports betting in New Jersey but a subsequent possible state-by-state expansion.

Supreme Court legal focus? The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, referred to as PASPA,  the federal prohibition on state-sponsored sports betting unless a state had pre-existing sports betting. We all know the only state with full blown sports betting? Yes, Nevada.

Feeling positive that what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas but will travel to New Jersey.

Date Published: June 27, 2017

Written by: Lynne Levin Kaufman