Condemnation Law

The law firm of Cooper Levenson is experienced in handing many real estate issues, such as Tax Appeals, Condemnation Law and Eminent Domain, and several of our attorneys carry a wealth of experience in this area. Our work in this area has involved representation of a variety of clients, including individuals, small businesses, large casino properties and condemnations of approximately 150 properties for a New Jersey government authority which was rehabilitating a large section of Atlantic City.

Once the scope of the project and property (or properties) involved is determined, we provide guidance to our clients through the entire process: valuation, negotiation, and, if necessary, the formal institution of eminent domain proceedings. An attention to detail and adherence to a strict internal timetable is essential throughout the process to help move the clients quickly through the maze of administrative steps to the desired outcome of commencing development of the property.

In Condemnation Law, the players are few, but the potential for complication is great. Therefore, a thorough, yet calculated approach is critical to ensure our clients’ goals are achieved in a swift and cost effective manner, while at all times maintaining sensitivity to the reaction this type of proceeding can sometimes cause. Fortunately for our clients, we have experienced condemnation law from both sides of the table, from the government’s perspective as well as the land owner, and have seen some very unique issues come into play. This affords us an insight that has proved invaluable in bringing matters to swift and favorable completion.

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