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Educating our children used to be simpler – or so it seemed. But for those charged with that responsibility today, life is quite different. Increasingly complex regulations, rigorous governmental oversight, and the ever-present threat of ruinous litigation virtually require those in authority to seek ongoing, comprehensive legal support. And in South Jersey, no firm is better equipped to provide that guidance and protection than Cooper Levenson.

More than advisors, the attorneys in this practice are relied on as partners. With strong backgrounds in education and decades-long relationships with school districts of every size, they understand and anticipate the needs of our clients, and respond immediately to any question or concern. Working as trusted peers, they are invited into the planning process at the earliest stages, providing the advice that can identify and preempt problems.

Our expertise extends to every aspect of education law. We advise school boards and administrators on a range of matters including staff relations, pupil rights and obligations, IDEA and Section 504 compliance, school construction, contract procurement, state audits, and many other issues. As a full-service firm, we offer clients broad support in related areas such as employment and environmental law.

We take a thorough and disciplined approach with the procedures and programs we provide our clients, steps which include:

  • Identifying immediately those with primary responsibility, and establishing an effective back-up system
  • Conducting training sessions for district staff, providing general legal background, as well as information on specific requirements and issues
  • Conducting periodic in-service programs to update district staff on changes in the law and recommended program revisions
  • Providing ongoing legal services, which include attendance at board meetings, advice to board members and administration regarding school law issues, drafting of board contracts and other documents, and representation of the board in litigation before New Jersey courts, the New Jersey Commissioner of Education, the New Jersey Public Employee Relations Commission, and other administrative agencies

We bring a boldness and creativity to this practice that often yields gratifying outcomes of enduring effect. And while we are always attuned to budget realities, we know from long experience the value of timely and thorough representation.

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