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In a world complicated by competing interests and complex rules and regulations, getting things done – whether in government or the private sector – can be an endless exercise in frustration. Many will ultimately reach out for help, and here in New Jersey, many of those will turn to Cooper Levenson.

Our Government and Legislative Services practice offers clients the considerable expertise of our experienced, effective legislative agents. Acting as advisors, advocates, or facilitators, our attorneys can simplify and streamline the process of doing business anywhere in the state. No task is too routine, no challenge too complex.

Much of the success our clients enjoy is directly related to our intimate understanding of the political landscape -and our reliable access to those whose assistance can be essential. Our nuanced approach matches the task at hand to the resources required, yielding an efficient outcome in a timely manner.

Those areas or entities with which we are routinely involved include:

  • Government Procurement – Identifying and securing contracts on behalf of clients for a full spectrum of governmental initiatives, including transportation, real estate, and capital improvement projects
  • Banking and Insurance – Permitting and regulatory matters
  • Economic Development – Representing public and private entities seeking a full range of economic services from state, county, and local government
  • Public Finance – All matters related to the issuance of government debt
  • Land Use – Planning, zoning, and associated issues
  • Environment – Green space/clean air concerns, Brownfield issues, waste management regulations, land use development
  • School Boards – General counsel, litigation support
  • Shared Services and Consolidation Plans – Municipal and county representation and litigation
  • Quasi-Government Entities – Representation of utilities, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and any other entities affected by state regulations

We are proud to represent the interests of those in both the public and private sectors, and invite you to review examples where our involvement yielded satisfying outcomes.

  • We made it possible for a major South Jersey bank to obtain a permit through the New Jersey Banking and Insurance Commission which allowed the institution to expand its scope of services beyond the traditional banking parameters.
  • We enabled a major South Jersey developer to obtain the very first permit ever through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to transform a landfill into a successful, high-end residential development.

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