Medical Malpractice Defense

Comprehensive Representation In Medical Malpractice Defense

Cooper Levenson’s medical malpractice defense team guides doctors, hospitals, physician  groups, and other health  care providers in best practices to help manage risks and in the defense of medical malpractice claims. Clients including doctors, nurses, hospitals, and physician groups depend on our lawyers to guide them through medical malpractice matters that involve state and federal agencies, medical review panels, mediations, and trials.

Our medical malpractice lawyers have defended medical practitioners from all specialties against claims alleging wrongful death, wrongful life, birth injuries, delay in diagnosis and misdiagnosis, and all types of permanent injuries with substantial damage claims.

The attorneys in the medical malpractice area are trial attorneys. Our approach is aggressive discovery and fact finding early in the process. We retain independent expert witnesses to review and help defend the matter not only on issues of liability but causation and damages as
well. We carefully evaluate each claim and give every detail meticulous attention to determine the best course of action to dismiss or limit cases as appropriate. When litigation continues to the trial stage, we draw on our wealth of experience in the courtroom.
John A. Talvacchia, Chairman of the Medical Malpractice Defense Practice Group, has an extensive background representing health care professionals and hospitals for 25 years. He has tried more than 50 professional malpractice cases. 

The lawyers in our medical malpractice group work closely with our other practice groups, especially the health care law group attorneys. The combined knowledge of the lawyers in these two groups allows us to bring a deep understanding of the industry to our clients.

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