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Over the last 60 years, Cooper Levenson has established itself as one of the leading firms in New Jersey. The level of confidence that our clients place into our lawyers and staff does not occur by happenstance - it all starts with our people. We have worked to bring talented, compassionate people into our ranks.


Atlantic City, New Jersey

Barr, Jennifer B. 609-572-7410 Bonetti, Brittany A. 609-572-7380 Britton, Justin A. 609-572-7422 Browndorf, Eric A. 609-572-7538 Dalton, Sean F. 609.572.7452 Deal, Joseph D. 609-572-7374 DeLucry, Richard F. 609-572-7606 Donio, William S. 609-572-7610 Fusco, Joseph A. 609-412-7430 Gifford, Kasi Marie 609.572.7456 Houck Elco, Amy L. 609-572-7454 Jacobson, Michael 609-572-7528 Kaplan, Rona Z. 609-572-7464 Kaufman, Lynne L. 609-572-7428 Kelley, Erika-Leigh 609-572-7626 Korth, Arthur 609-572-7348 Lafferty, Randolph C. 609-572-7390 Lafferty, Rebecca C. 609-572-7550 Levenson, Lloyd D. 609-344-3161 Lichtenstein, Russell L. 609-572-7676 McKnight, Camille L. 609.572.7468 Melville, Yolanda N. 609-572-7376 Mitrovic, Michael 609.572.7560 Neustadter, Judge Robert 609-572-7386 Niedelman, Louis 609-572-7474 Ojserkis, Jill T. 609-572-7514 ONeill, Ross M. 609.572.7432 Rosenfeld, Steven E. 609-572-7484 Rudley, Amy E. 609-572-7408 Salad, Michael L. 609-572-7616 Salad, Robert E. 609-572-7777 Savio, James M. 609.572.7384 Scherzer, Steven D. 609-572-7534 Schwartz, Mark G. 609-572-7466 Schweller, Lewis J. 609-572-7488 Shenkman, Fredric L. 609-572-7330 Shober, Bard L. 609 572-7458 Soifer, Mark 609-572-7530 Stilwell, Warren O. 609-572-7624 Talvacchia, Nicholas F. 609-572-7544 Thornton, Kevin J. 609-572-7502 Tomljenovic, Alyson M. 609-572-7438 Torraca, Carmelo T. 609-572-7520 Walker Jr., Richard H. 609-572-7574 Wasilauskas III, Victor P. 609-572-7516 Wolfe, Kenneth D. 609-572-7333

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Barr, Brian D. 856-857-5514 Grob, Cynthia N. 856-857-5586 Lieberman, Ronald G. 856-857-5510 Paoli, James P. 856-857-5512 Rigden, Alexandra K. 856-857-5552 Sabnis, Saleel V. 856.857.5562 Sansone, Nicholas J. 856-857-5508 Southern, Joseph V. 856-857-5516 Stiles, Jarad K. 856-857-5594 Sylvester, Kenneth J. 856-857-5524 Yoon, Young 856.857.5532

Bear, Delaware

Brignola, Erin K. 302-838-2600

Las Vegas, Nevada

Busby, Jerry S. 702-832-1910 Kraemer, Gregory A. 702-832-1920 Marques, Andre 702.832.1908 Maxson-Rushton, Kimberly 702-832-1900 Rasmussen, Scott R. 702-366-1125

New York, New York

Mahon, Joseph C. 646.795.4090

Ft Lauderdale, Miami, & Boca Raton, Florida

de la Guardia, Oscar 9548891852 Salad, Michael L 954-889-1850 Vaughn-Flam, Eric 800-529-3161