iGaming Law Attorneys

The attorneys in Cooper Levenson’s iGaming Law practice group are at the forefront of the newest developments in Internet gaming (iGaming) law, sports wagering legal matters, mobile gaming matters, and parimutuel betting issues.

We take an active role in monitoring the accelerating movement toward the legalization of Internet gambling at the federal and state levels, anticipating regulatory adoption, implementation and change, and continuously monitoring new developments in this high-growth sector of the gaming industry.

Counsel And Representation In A Spectrum Of Gaming Matters

The Internet gaming law attorneys at Cooper Levenson assist clients with:

  • esports
  • Online gambling/Internet gambling matters
  • Sports wagering matters
  • Social gaming
  • Mobile gaming matters
  • Interactive gaming/online poker
  • Licensing matters
  • Sweepstakes, contests and promotions
  • Licensure and employee qualification
  • Equipment approval
  • Software approvals
  • Corporate structuring
  • Acquisition and finance matters
  • Criminal liability
  • Contracts
  • Compliance

Respected Gaming Advisors

Cooper Levenson served as the legal and regulatory Advisor to Global Gaming Expo (G2E) for a dozen years. In addition, Cooper Levenson attorneys Lloyd D. Levenson, Lynne Levin Kaufman, Kimberly Maxson-Rushton and their team have served as Legal & Regulatory Advisor at WrB and GIGse.

Practice Area Attorneys

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