Trucking Accidents Rapid Response

Every minute counts after a trucking vehicle accident. Every investigative and procedural step must comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Years of experience representing insurance carriers and their trucking industry insureds led to our decision to form a Rapid Response Trucking Accident Team.

Our seasoned attorneys know that critical evidence and information can easily be lost or compromised at an accident scene. We know that it is essential to have a team of experienced professionals respond as quickly as possible to determine facts and preserve data and evidence. The team must also be highly experienced and skilled in preserving the scene and eyewitness interviewing. They must also be well-versed in procedures for securing electronic data such as driver logs, black boxes, and geopositional history. Physical and electronic data, as well as the opportunity to interview eye witnesses, must not be lost.

Our attorneys have significant experience in every aspect of accident investigation and reconstruction. In addition, we have assembled a team that includes other essential professionals, including investigators, forensic engineers, and former New Jersey State Police Accident Reconstruction experts who will initiate a thorough and proper investigative process to help ensure that all evidence and data needed are gathered, preserved, and properly documented. With the gathered facts  and data, an evaluation of the physical and human factors that contributed to the accident can begin.

Our attorneys have significant pre-litigation, litigation and trial experience in the wide variety of matters often encountered in the trucking industry, including negligent hiring assertions, training and retention, hours of service, DOT compliance, Engine Control Module (ECM) data, positioning and messaging data, and accident reconstruction. 

We have handled the defense of commercial vehicle cases, trucking companies, taxi and limousine companies, common carriers, and have represented truck and automobile insurers, freight carriers, public entities, TPAs,  trucking companies, and others.

Our Rapid Response Team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (609) 572-7553.

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