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The Severe Consequences Of Income Tax Fraud

Defending yourself against allegations of income tax fraud puts you in the line of fire with a powerful government bureaucracy. The stakes are high when the Internal Revenue Service or a state agency is accusing you of falsifying tax records or other forms of fraud. Our job is to get to the facts by attending to every detail in our in-depth investigation.

New Jersey Attorneys Recognized For Knowledge, Insight And Success

The attorneys at Cooper Levenson employ all of our firm's resources toward putting together an effective defense against these serious charges. Tax laws are ever-changing, requiring an attorney to remain on the cutting edge of modifications and alterations to rules and regulations. Charges of income tax fraud also require a lawyer with experience and success in the courtroom, both trial and appellate.

Revenue officials know us and our reputation for integrity and sound judgment. Our clients know of our effectiveness as trusted counselors. Everyone we work with knows that we will pursue the best outcome through mediation or trial.

It is important to note that many accusations of tax crimes originate through divorce actions. During property tax reevaluations and real estate transactions, a disgruntled spouse can create significant trouble and report what they allege to be wrongdoing.

Regardless of what triggered a tax-related criminal case, we provide diligent and dedicated representation to protect the rights of our clients.

Time Is Of The Essence When Facing Tax Fraud Charges

For more information on income tax fraud and the consequences involved, contact our law firm at 609-344-3161 or fill out our online intake form.